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2012-08-26 17:14:26 +0200
RC bugs 2012/34
good news: I'm seeing more & more people contributing to RC bugs in the BTS. – here are my own contributions for the past week:
  • #656552 – zope2.12-sandbox: "zope2.12-sandbox: fails to install, remove and install again"
    add info to bug report
  • #670405 – ekiga: "ekiga: Ekiga crashes on startup"
    add info to bug report
  • #673370 – centerim: "centerim: Crash at startup (suspect login msn)"
    add info to bug report, then close on submitter's behalf
  • #683061 – ntp: "ntp: missing init script dependency on $named"
    sponsor NMU from Ivo De Decker (fix init script), upload to DELAYED/2, then cancelled by maintainer after severity change
  • #684019 – python-liblcms: "python-liblcms: static library in /usr/share"
    re-enable dropping of .a and .la files from python package, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #684024 – src:python-adodb: "python-adodb: broken binary-indep target"
    apply patches from Evgeni Golov (d/rules targets) and Jakub Wilk (python-support handling), upload to DELAYED/2
  • #684078 – wv2: "calligra: Buffer overflow"
    apply modified patch from KDE, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #684150 – python-wxgtk2.8: "python-wxgtk2.8 breaks upgrade from squeeze to wheezy"
    add info to bug report
  • #684180 – angband: "angband: removes files that were installed by another package: /usr/share/angband/*"
    don't remove directory belonging to other package in postrm, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #684488 – puppet-lint: "puppet-lint not working with ruby1.9.1"
    send a patch to the BTS
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