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2012-09-02 17:19:47 +0200
RC bugs 2012/35
not my Best RCBW Week Ever. – anyway, here's what I've done:
  • #669625 – gummi: "gummi: Gummi should depend on enchant"
    add missing dependency, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #684433 – gdal-bin: "gdal-bin: FTBFS when ruby1.9.1 installed"
    add info to the bug report
  • #684778 – pythontracer: "pythontracer: missing dependency on python-gtk2"
    add missing dependency, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #684808 – src:mapserver: "mapserver: FTBFS: ld: cannot find -lstdc++"
    add missing build dependency (hint from Arto Jantunen), upload to DELAYED/2
  • #684833 – src:argyll: "argyll: FTBFS: ld: cannot find -lconv"
    verify bug unreproducibility
  • #684837 – src:gst-buzztard: "gst-buzztard: FTBFS: plugin.c:403:3: error: too many arguments to function 'bml_setup'"
    reproduce bug and add info to the BTS
  • #684855 – src:fusioninventory-agent: "fusioninventory-agent: FTBFS: tests failed"
    some unsuccessful debugging
  • #684860 – src:ruby-mocha: "ruby-mocha: FTBFS: tests failed"
    verify bug unreproducibility
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