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2012-11-11 21:37:26 +0100
RC bugs 2012/45
again, not one of my best RCBW weeks. still, here's the short report:
  • #683100 – pnp4nagios-web: "pnp4nagios-web: libjs-jquery-ui (>= 1.8.14) may be not enough"
    add a comment to the bug report
  • #683138 – pnp4nagios-web: "pnp4nagios-web: crashes immediately due to debian/patches/adjust-template-path"
    add a comment to the bug report
  • #689687 – src:guile-1.6: "guile-1.6: FTBFS on i386, kfreebsd-i386: testsuite failures"
    sponsor NMU prepared by Daniel Hartwig, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #690128 – inn2: "inn2: conffile disappearing during squeeze->wheezy upgrade: /etc/news/"
    some triaging
  • #691215 – pinpoint: "X request failed: BadDrawable"
    try to reproduce, unsuccessful
  • #691535 – mumble: "Plugins: Failed to load Cannot load library /usr/lib/mumble/ (/usr/lib/mumble/ undefined symbol: glPopClientAttrib)"
    send a patch proposal to the BTS, then upload to unstable with maintainer's approval
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