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2012-12-02 21:45:18 +0100
RC bugs 2012/47-48
I was a bit busy (mostly in pleasant ways) during the last two weeks, so this reports covers a longer period of my RC bug activities:
  • #632443 – kst-data: "kst-data: missing Breaks+Replaces: kst-bin (<< 2.0.3)"
    add missing Breaks/Replaces, upload to DELAYED/5
  • #671297 – libcapi20-dev,isdnutils-base: "isdnutils-base and libcapi20-dev: error when trying to install together"
    add missing Breaks/Replaces, upload to DELAYED/5, then fixed in a maintainer upload
  • #677786 – libwmf: "libwmf: Please add multiarch support"
    sponsor NMU from Helmut Grohne, upload to DELAYED/7
  • #677861 – src:lftp: "lftp: FTBFS[kfreebsd-i386]: error: conflicting declaration 'typedef __int32_t gl_intptr_t'"
    sponsor NMU by Ivo De Decker, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #682752 – src:cups-filters: "cups-filters: debian/copyright is misleading/incomplete"
    try to get debian/copyright closer to reality, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #684633 – jless: "jless: hangs with 1MB file, and should consider its future"
    do a manual versioned close
  • #688891 – psad: "psad: modifies conffiles (policy 10.7.3): /etc/psad/psad.conf"
    upload NMU (fix in preinst) with maintainer's approval
  • #694554 – apt-build: "Installation fails on ARM - config script fails"
    sponsor QA upload by Dominique Lasserre
  • #694557 – apt-build: "APT paths aren't built properly"
    sponsor QA upload by Dominique Lasserre
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