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2012-12-09 20:33:02 +0100
RC bugs 2012/49
my short list of contributions to RC bug fixing during the last week:
  • #667995 – python-cups: "cupsd configuration: "cupsdAuthorize: Empty Basic password!""
    backport upstream fix
  • #694015 – geda: "geda: copyright file missing after upgrade (policy 12.5)"
    add strict version to dependency on -doc package, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #694145 – cipux-cat-web,libcipux-cat-web-perl: "cipux-cat-web, libcipux-cat-web-perl: inconsistent permission handling of /etc/cipux-cat-web/"
    ship directories with group/permissions in packages, upload to DELAYED/5
  • #694330 – python-mako-doc: "python-mako-doc: missing Breaks+Replaces: python3-mako (<< 0.3.6-1)"
    add missing Breaks+Replaces, upload to DELAYED/2
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