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2012-12-16 19:27:29 +0100
RC bugs 2012/50
have I said before that we are running out of easy RC bugs? the list is a bit short this week:
  • #677861 – src:lftp: "lftp: FTBFS[kfreebsd-i386]: error: conflicting declaration 'typedef __int32_t gl_intptr_t'"
    sponsor upload to t-p-u from Ivo De Decker
  • #680100 – libatomic-ops: "libatomic-ops/powerpc: FTBFS: eats all disk space in the known universe (almost, anyway)"
    backport fix for t-p-u, upload with maintainer's and release team's permission
  • #691015 – conserver-client: "conserver-client: fails to upgrade from testing: Can't locate Tie/Hash/ in @INC"
    update regexp to use numbered capture groups, upload to DELAYED/2
to make up for this poor performance, I've uploaded ~14 new lib.*-perl packages to the NEW queue yesterday & today :)
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