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2012-12-23 19:17:34 +0100
RC bugs 2012/51
I just realized it's sunday again, so here goes my list of RC bugs I've worked on during the last week:
  • #603428 – snort-pgsql,snort-mysql: "snort: prompting due to modified conffiles which where not modified by the user"
    investigate with piuparts, later tagged/fixed by Salvatore Bonaccorso and Ivo De Decker
  • #667995 – python-cups: "cupsd configuration: "cupsdAuthorize: Empty Basic password!""
    backport fix from Fedora git, after Vagrant's test upload it to DELAYED/2
  • #684732 – "unblock: nut/2.6.4-2.2"
    sponsor NMU prepared by Ivo De Decker, upload to DELAYED/1
  • #694890 – liblemonldap-ng-handler-perl: "liblemonldap-ng-handler-perl: fails to install: cp: cannot create regular file '/var/lib/lemonldap-ng/handler/': No such file or directory"
    upload package prepared by xguimard (pkg-perl)
  • #696329 – lemonldap-ng: "lemonldap-ng: CVE-2012-6426: SAML messages signatures are not verified"
    upload package prepared by xguimard (pkg-perl)
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