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2013-01-06 19:03:52 +0100
RC bugs 2013/01
new year, old habit: my weekly report about my RC bug activities:
  • #675913 – resource-agents: "ldirectord failed to start, RFC2553 compatible getaddrinfo/getnameinfo"
    prepare upload to t-p-u
  • #694589 – lastfmproxy: "lastfmproxy: python module/script files in wrong location"
    add some info to the bugreport
  • #696075 – lcl-utils: "lcl-utils: directory vs. symlink mess after squeeze => wheezy upgrade: /etc/lazarus"
    add some info to the bugreport
  • #696507 – src:festival: "festival: FTBFS: does not define DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH"
    apply patch from Ivo De Decker, upload to DELAYED/2
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