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2013-01-13 19:07:46 +0100
RC bugs 2013/02

the count of RC bugs is rather constant, & my impact on it during this week was rather negligible again:

  • #671690 – libgamin0: "libgamin0 breaks courier-imap/courier-imap-ssl (Sudden termination of connection)"
    add some info to the bugreport, do a manual versioned close after confirmation from bug submitter
  • #690152 – src:bsaf: "bsaf: FTBFS: Test org.jdesktop.application.TaskMonitorTest failed"
    add some info to the bugreport
  • #697892 – src:virtualbox: "src:virtualbox: FTBFS in sid and experimental: /usr/bin/kmk_sed: file /tmp/buildd/virtualbox-4.1.18-dfsg/src/VBox/Runtime/common/err/errmsg.sed line 31: Unmatched [ or [^"
    report new RC bug
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