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2013-03-03 22:20:21 +0100
RC bugs 2013/09

hey, the amount of RC bugs (affecting wheezy) is dropping significantly, mostly thanks to the work of the release team, if I'm seeing this correctly.
here are my small contributions for the last week:

  • #656877 – flash-kernel: "flash-kernel is not being run for kernel upgrades with unchanged ABI version"
    mark as fixed in relevant version
  • #690152 – src:bsaf: "bsaf: FTBFS: Test org.jdesktop.application.TaskMonitorTest failed"
    add some info to the bug log
  • #697221 – motion: "motion: No longer has support for mysql"
    propose alternative solution
  • #699258 – src:libio-async-loop-glib-perl: "libio-async-loop-glib-perl: FTBFS: test failed"
    disable unreliable tests (pkg-perl)
  • #701115 – owncloud: "owncloud: multiple vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-003, oC-SA-2013-004, oC-SA-2013-006)"
    check supplied patch and add a debdiff for testing-proposed-updates
  • #701182 – avelsieve: "avelsieve: Uses deprecated/removed session_unregister PHP function"
    upload the upstream patch to DELAYED/2 (the package is removed from testing but still)
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