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2013-03-17 17:37:55 +0100
RC bugs 2013/11

& another week has gone by where I tried to work on RC bugs. here's the overview:

  • #656090 – ocsinventory-server: "ocsinventory-server: prompting due to modified conffiles which where not modified by the user"
    ping bug, provide a package for piuparts testing, later upload to DELAYED/2
  • #702753 – src:spandsp: "spandsp: Downloads external files at build time (through xsltproc) -- missing Build-Depends?"
    confirm and prepare patch, later upload to DELAYED/2
  • #702769 – bup: "FTBFS: bup.git.GitError: no such commit '75cd2b98c52d29ba5d510b37d7c9adb01553bd1f'"
    add some information
  • #702790 – service-wrapper-java: "FTBFS: local changes detected"
    investigate and send a possible cause of the problem to the bug log, add a patch later
  • #703094 – owncloud: "owncloud: multiple vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-009, oC-SA-2013-010)"
    prepare patch from upstream commits
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  1. [gravitar] Vincent
    Hi, Just to let you know that ownCloud will be removed tonight from Wheezy. Cheers, Vincent

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