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2013-07-07 16:19:17 +0200
RC bugs 2013/26-27

not that we have a lack of RC bugs; still, I was a bit lazy in the last two weeks. – here's what I've worked on:

  • #675231 – psad: "psad: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user"
    propose the next fix for the preinst script, later uploaded with maintainer's permission
  • #707535 – iptables-dev: "libipq.h includes non-existing linux/netfilter_ipv4/ip_queue.h"
    propose a patch
  • #711423 – src:python-csb: "python-csb: FTBFS: tries to write to $HOME"
    set HOME for build, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #713243 – src:libcatalyst-perl: "libcatalyst-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    upload new upstream release (pkg-perl)
  • #713255 – src:libtest-rdf-perl: "libtest-rdf-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    manually close already fixed bug (pkg-perl)
  • #713374 – src:jifty: "jifty: FTBFS: dh_auto_test: make -j1 test returned exit code 2"
    apply patch from upstream git (pkg-perl)
  • #713525 – src:dvbstreamer: "dvbstreamer: FTBFS: libtool: Version mismatch error."
    add patch from Ubuntu / Logan Rosen to use autoreconf, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #713564 – src:libopengl-perl: "libopengl-perl: FTBFS: gl_const.h:2913:4: error: 'GL_TYPE_RGBA_FLOAT_ATI' undeclared (first use in this function)"
    test proposed upstream fix, then upload their new release (pkg-perl)
  • #713588 – src:pylibtiff: "pylibtiff: FTBFS: ndarraytypes.h:681:82: error: operator '<=' has no right operand"
    add patch from upstream svn, upload to DELAYED/1
  • #713649 – src:gdis: "gdis: FTBFS: gdis.h:269:18: fatal error: glib.h: No such file or directory"
    update bug report with new failure mode
  • #713769 – src:vdkbuilder2: "vdkbuilder2: FTBFS: ld: vdkb_plugin.o: undefined reference to symbol 'g_module_symbol'"
    apply patch from Ubuntu / Daniel T Chen, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #714032 – bti: "bti no longer works with Twitter and loses posted tweets"
    upload new upstream release
  • #714251 – bambam: "bambam crashes on launch due to not finding image in "data" dir."
    tag unreproducible, add some findings + questions
  • #714267 – iodine: "iodine: FTBFS: undefined reference to symbol '__pthread_register_cancel@@GLIBC_2.3.3'"
    make build-dep on check versioned (which now FTBFS on serveral architectures, leaving iodine unbuildable)
  • #714335 – bti: "bti: FTBFS on kfreebsd: error: 'EREMOTEIO' undeclared (first use in this function)"
    add patch picked from upstream git
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