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2014-11-02 22:27:48 +0100
RC bugs 2014/44

this week, my main contribution to fixing RC bugs was to ask others what they think about closing bugs which looked already fixed to me. worked quite fine.

full list:

  • #682420 – src:libpaper: "libpaper: "Multi-Arch: same" but postrm removes arch-independent configuration"
    use DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE_REFCOUNT before file removal, upload to DELAYED/5
  • #743853 – libpango-1.0-0: "libpango-1.0-0 : Breaks: libpango1.0-0 (< 1.32.5-2) but 1.30.0-1 is to be installed"
    check current jenkins results, then closed by maintainer
  • #754132 – libmcrypt: "libmcrypt: add autoreconf during the build to enable new architectures"
    propose to close bug, done by one of the NMUers
  • #760908 – libmcrypt4: "libmcrypt: another autoreconf fix for arm64 build"
    propose to close bug, done by one of the NMUers
  • #762061 – dkms: "dkms should pull in the correct linux-headers package"
  • #762782 – libprocps3-dev,libprocps4-dev: "libprocps4-dev and libprocps3-dev: error when trying to install together"
    propose to close bug, done by fellow DD
  • #763769 – glabels: "glabels exists with "Abort" when creating a new document"
    prepare patch from upstream git commits, later NMUed by fellow DD
  • #764667 – distcc: "distcc: Trigger cycle causes dpkg to fail processing"
    change triggers from "interest" to "interest-noawait", as proposed by Guillem Jover, upload to DELAYED/5
  • #767041 – kephra: "kephra: Fails with "You did not specify a file name""
    upload with patch prepared by Partha Pratim Mukherjee (pkg-perl)
  • #767066 – " [i386] Crashes when loading .gorm files"
    sponsor maintainer upload
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