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2015-12-27 21:03:17 +0100
RC bugs 2015/51-52

the upload of perl 5.22 to unstable some days ago provided ample opportunity to fix some new RC bugs. here's the list of my work:

  • #768687 – src:libdata-hal-perl: "libdata-hal-perl: FTBFS: test suite broken by newer liburi-namespacemap-perl versions"
    add patch from new upstream's git repo (pkg-perl)
  • #787912 – src:libdata-dump-streamer-perl: "libdata-dump-streamer-perl: FTBFS with perl 5.22"
    upload new upstream release (pkg-perl)
  • #789142 – src:libdata-hal-perl: "libdata-hal-perl: FTBFS with perl 5.22 (Module::Build)"
    upload with explicit build dependency on Module::Build (pkg-perl)
  • #791520 – libmojomojo-perl: "libmojomojo-perl: FTBFS: test failures"
    close bug in the BTS, already fixed since months (pkg-perl)
  • #801659 – libxml-compile-dumper-perl: "libxml-compile-dumper-perl: depends on libdata-dump-streamer-perl, broken by perl 5.22"
    close as the dependency is fixed (pkg-perl)
  • #808284 – libalien-wxwidgets-perl: "libalien-wxwidgets-perl: Broken dependencies in binary package after BinNMU"
    fix wxwidgets version detection logic (pkg-perl)
  • #808310 – libchemistry-formula-perl: "libchemistry-formula-perl: bogus dependency on perlapi-5.20.2"
    fix perl library paths in debian/rules, NMU
  • #808327 – wmanager: "wmanager: Depends on virtual package "perl5" which will is gone with perl/5.22"
    sponsor maintainer upload
  • #808395 – src:libprelude: "libprelude: FTBFS everywhere"
    add patch to handle swig changes, NMU
  • #808412 – src:ippl: "ippl: Depends on virtual package "perl5-base" which is gone with perl/5.22"
    drop perl5-base dependency, NMU with maintainer's permission
  • #808454 – src:libdata-faker-perl: "libdata-faker-perl: FTBFS under some locales (eg. fr_CH.UTF-8)"
    set C locale for tests (pkg-perl)
  • #808473 – liblemonldap-ng-manager-perl: "liblemonldap-ng-manager-perl: manager unaccessible without doc symlink in /var/lib/lemonldap-ng"
    upload package prepared by Xavier Guimard (pkg-perl)
  • #808474 – liblemonldap-ng-manager-perl: "liblemonldap-ng-manager-perl: Manager shows garbage where the menu is supposed to be"
    upload package prepared by Xavier Guimard (pkg-perl)
  • #808480 – libdevel-bt-perl: "libdevel-bt-perl: FTBFS on mips*: test failures"
    add (build)dep on perl-debug (pkg-perl)
  • #808489 – src:acm: "acm: FTBFS: Type of arg 1 to dbmclose must be hash (not constant item) at ./create-tables-5 (perl 5.22?)"
    send patch to BTS
  • #808507 – uwsgi-plugin-mono: "uwsgi-plugin-mono: Please refresh architectures list for current Mono in Unstable"
    sponsor upload for jonas
  • #808825 – libperl-apireference-perl: "libperl-apireference-perl: FTBFS: missing support for Perl 5.22.1"
    add support for 5.22.1 (pkg-perl)
  • #809006 – libnet-cups-perl: "libnet-cups-perl: empty package"
    add patch to fix broken version check in Makefile.PL (pkg-perl)
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