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2010-08-11 06:15:12 +0200
RCBC - results and prizes
At the beginning of DebCamp, Zack started the RCBC – the Release Critical Bug squashing Contest. Two weeks later not only DebConf10 is over but we also have results for the RCBC: In summary: It was a huge success, we managed to fix
  • 139 RC bugs in testing/unstable
  • 79 RC bugs in stable
And the winners are:
  • Stable: Gerfried Fuchs (77 bugs)
  • Testing/unstable: 1. Moritz Mühlenhoff (32 bugs), 2. Nico Golde (17 bugs), 3. Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (16 bugs)
All details can be found at The winners who haven't collected their prizes at the closing ceremony will get them be snail mail. Finally let me thank
  • our donors of the prizes
  • Micah and Zack for initiating the contest
  • Mehdi for being my co-judge
  • all participants who hugely improved Debian in the last two weeks
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