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2005-09-02 15:13:14 +0200
from now on the Release files in the ToastFreeware Debian repository are signed. the signing key is my personal one (0x00F3CFE4) which can be found on the usual keyservers or on my homepage.
if you are using packages from this repository you may want to add the key to your apt keyring: type (as root)

lynx -dump | apt-key add -
check with apt-key list and don't forget to do a apt-get update or aptitude update afterwards. update: and after the upgrade of apt from 0.6.40 to 0.6.41 I get errors on my sigs although I can successfully verify them manually. - wtf? update: the errors are gone, maybe 0.6.42 fixed the problem or some other magic happened. well.
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