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2008-11-22 00:42:59 +0100
size vs. intelligence
today in my website's access.log (wrapped for easier legibility): - - [21/Nov/2008:19:03:02 +0100] "GET /{,blog/} HTTP/1.0" \
  404 6963 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Twiceler-0.9"
the broken URL comes from my ~/.signature which since about 2 months contains the following fragment:{,blog/}
& probably that line was found in some web archive of a mailing list or newsgroup or somesuch. now what is this highly intelligent Twiceler thingy? a look at the URL in the access.log entry redirects to cuil, & the page proudly claims in friendly, large, green letters
Cuil is the biggest search engine on the planet.
apart from the fact that I've never heard about them & that their search results are not impressive either, their "philosophy" (huh?) page claims:
Size matters
maybe it's just me but probably they should invest more in technical "cuil" [0] than in marketing speak that sounds less like search engines but more like another business branch on the intarwebs. [0] "Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge." (source: cuil again)
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