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2005-09-13 23:38:42 +0200
after reading the posts/mails by greg and albert I decided to try synergy, too. at home, with belanna and guinan. results & impressions:
  • the debian package is (half a year) old and only in stable: 1.2.2 vs. the current release: 1.2.4 at
  • the debian package is terrible (no man page, no conf in /etc, no runlevel scripts, ... )
  • synergy does (well - obviously and as stated in the program's requirements) not run without an xserver (and I was really curious ...)
  • though it doesn't run without X it can still be installed with xlibs only (did I mention that the debian package is terrible?).
  • I guess it's a waste of time to file bug reports regarding the condition of the package ...
oh well ...
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