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2024-03-14 23:10:53 +0100
teamwork in practice

teamwork, or: why I love the Debian Perl Group:

elbrus has introduced a (very untypical) package into the Debian Perl Group in 2022.

after changes of the default compiler options (-Werror=implicit-function-declaration) in debian, it didn't build any more & received an RC bug.

because I sometimes like challenges, I had a look at it & cobbled together a patch. as I hardly speak any C, I sent my notes to the bug report & (implictly) asked for help. – & went out to meet a friend.

when I came home, I found an email from ntyni, sent less than 2 hours after my mail, where he friendly pointed out the issues with my patch – & sent a corrected version.

all I needed to do was to adjust the patch & upload the package. one more bug fixed, one less task for us, & elbrus can concentrate on more important tasks :)
thanks again, niko!

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