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2013-10-07 17:16:45 +0200
using lintian profiles for fun & profit

since lintian gained support for vendor profiles, or at least since it has a nice documentation about writing checks & even a tutorial (the latter only local/in the package), I thought about writing some checks in a specific 'pkg-perl' profile. after talking to niels at debconf13, I tried in late august, & realized that at least simple checks are fun to write & really not difficult; luckily niels also reviewed my first attempts. – & axel soon joined the fun & added some more checks.

so here we are: the new pkg-perl-tools package also ships a lintian vendor profile 'pkg-perl' with a couple of simple but still useful checks that help to enforce our group policy. if you want to use them, install the package and check /usr/share/doc/pkg-perl-tools/README.lintian, if you want to look at the checks, you can also clone the git repo or inspect it in gitweb (directory lintian).

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