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2006-06-15 23:11:14 +0200
I borrowed a webcam (labtec webcam pro) from a friend yesterday & installed it today. & yeah — it works. some steps:
  • get spca5xx-source.
  • enable v4l in your kernel if it's not there already.
  • unpack /usr/src/spca5xx-source.tar.bz2, create the kernel module with module-assistent (m-a prepare; m-a a-i spca5xx).
  • modprobe spca5xx.
  • well, that's all. use the cam (/dev/video0 or similar) with qtwengophone, camstream, gqcam, or (nice!) camE. — webcamd (or xawtv/v4lctl) doesn't like it.
  • for the microphone you need snd-usb-audio in your kernel; then use /dev/dsp1 or hw:1,0 or similar.
now I've ordered another cam of the same type for the friend who officially still owns "my" cam ;-) & maybe you'll find something on sometimes ... on other news: cpulimit has entered the Debian archive yesterday.
& today tony mancill has uploaded jabref — thanks!
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