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2010-07-05 00:53:10 +0200
some of the things I did on saturday & sunday:
  • reduced the amount of dust in my rooms
  • increased the amount of air in my bike's tyres
  • created an armel cross-building chroot (with pdebuild-cross, multistrap, & some patching & swearing & beating)
  • switched from xterm to urxvt
  • filled in the ESTA/VWP form to be allowed to enter the u.s.
  • upgraded colleen (which doesn't have any devices for hard disks under /dev anymore since then)
  • cleaned the toilet & the corridor
  • uploaded some packages
  • played with some of the meego stuff; not very successful
  • saturated 2GB of RAM + 1GB of swap by having ~40 tabs with airline websites open in chromium; still no ticket
  • wrote two blog entries (what's recursion again?)
some successes, some failuresroom for improvement.
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