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2013-08-23 22:43:38 +0200
DebConf 2013

[still no pictures here, feel free to go to].

After my report about DebCamp, & after being home for 5 days now, here are some thoughts about DebConf13:

First of all, I really enjoyed being there, & this was one of the best DebConfs for me so far. An important reason for this was the place: Le Camp was in my opinion the best DebConf venue ever (I've been to), with everything & everyone in one place, & still enough space (especially outdoors space!) for work & relaxing. Kudos to the local team for finding this spot, & for sticking to it despite some criticism.

In general, I'd like to say thanks to the local team for the perfect organisation of all aspects – you did a great job!

What else did I enjoy? As usual, meeting old friends & making new ones was an important part. It was great to see people I've worked together with on-line in person for the first time, & also to get to know new people. – Debian not only produces a great operating system, it also is an awesome community!

Speaking of which: I attended quite a few seesions from the Community and Team tracks, & it's good to see that lots of energy & thoughts are going into improving how we deal with new or existing contributors.

Like each year, we had the "use Perl;" BoF, the annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group, where we discussed various topics around our tasks, tools, & workflow. As each year, in a very friendly & collaborative atmosphere.

Besides that, I attended talks about systemd & upstart; the first one disappointed me, since it felt more like a sales pitch than a technical talk & the presenter come across alot like "I know better than you what's good for you", the latter was better but tried to avoid upstart's main issue, the infamous Canonical Contributor License Agreement; of course the audience raised this topic in the Q&A part afterwards. – Rock vs. hard place …

Other interesting topics were what Debian can learn from Ubuntu's QA processes for its own testing migration (mail from the Release Team pending, AFAIK); lots of git stuff, & especially the "birth" of dgit, a tool to treat the Debian archive as a git remote. If this gets traction, it could be a revolution in packaging!

The lintian BoF encouraged me further to try to create some pkg-perl specific checks, & then there was jenkins, piuparts, autopkgtest, etc.

On Friday we celebrated Debian's 20th birthday with a huge Kremšnita/Crèmeschnitte/mille-feuille. & with the Poetry Night at the campfire.

Usually I'd close with "See you next year in Portland!"; but since it seems like the local team has decided to scratch DebCamp (which they only said after being asked in the Q&A after their presentation), I'm not sure how attractive this really is for me … We'll see.

Thanks again to everyone who made this DebConf possible!

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