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2008-12-17 18:54:57 +0100
sound meets bytes
  • I have a new toy: notify-send.
  • I need to pratice guitar playing more often.
so let's try to combine these points:
  • install needed software: notification-daemon, libnotify-bin (contains notify-send).
  • find an image.
  • set up a cronjob.
cronjob (wrapped over several lines for better legibility):
0 17 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 notify-send \
	-t 0 \
	-u critical \
	-h "int:x:1680" -h "int:y:0" \
	-i /home/gregoa/data/sound/trio\ infernal/triologo_square_border_transparent.png \
	"Trio Infernal says:" \
	"Heute schon Gitarre gespielt?"
(for details check man 1 notify-send) result (at the top right corner of my screen):


& yes, this is not my only use case for notify-send :)
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2008-01-13 21:17:50 +0100
after neglecting her for over four months I took "felicidad" (my western guitar) out of her case tonight. at the beginning of today's date she was quite "desafinado" but after a few minutes of tuning we started to have a nice session. & it's amazing that my fingers (although they have lost the thick skin on the fingertips) still remember more or less what to do with the strings.
  • look (ferrara buskers festival 2007)
  • listen (last CD)
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2007-08-25 14:19:08 +0200
ferrara 2
il sabato. il sole. il municipio. l'ultimo giorno.
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2007-08-24 16:02:48 +0200
ferrara 1
la città. le donne. la musica. la pioggia.
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2007-08-20 03:00:50 +0200
arrivo subito
the CDs are roasting, the web page is updated, the batteries for the {pre,mini}-amp are bought, the t-shirts are drying — this year's trip to ferrara is getting closer.
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2006-09-08 14:42:04 +0200
'broceliande' is not only the title of a fine piece for guitars but also the name of a french bus company.
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2006-08-25 23:56:21 +0200
life as a part-time artist
we're sitting in the evening sun. chrisu's singing. klemi's harping. I'm smoking.
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2006-08-23 00:06:03 +0200
all my bags are packed ...
... I'm ready to go, I'm standing^Wsitting here ... & tomorrow we'll go to ferrara again, in order to take part in the ferrara buskers festival. — after having finished all my preparations I'm now really looking forward to re-visit the awesome city & to experience the highs (& lows, probably) of playing music in public. stay tuned (sic!).
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2006-05-28 19:37:19 +0200
diptera == enemy
one of the guitar player's worst enemies: the order diptera. — WAAAAH!
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2006-05-25 22:43:28 +0200
sometimes I think the fingers have their own memory. though I haven't found out how it works (i.e. what they remember & what they forget). btw: I'm talking about playing guitar (especially about rehearsing old songs) just in case you haven't noticed ;-)
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2006-04-02 19:31:20 +0200
first guitar player
today — after more than a week of absence from felicidad — I felt like the first-guitar-player-ever: so many strings, so many frets, so many fingers.
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2006-01-31 16:00:28 +0100
the brain & the fingers
  • brain: last weekend I tried to play the four-part piece in two voices (by john renbourn & stefan grossman) by heart for the first time. didn't work of course, but it will. sometime in the future.
  • nails: two broken fingernails again; one by itself, the other by carrying parcels. - should I go shopping?
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2005-10-31 04:31:48 +0100
lorem ipsum
georg asks in his blog why I was writing latin (in the test entries of his blog which I had configured some weeks ago). the answer is quite simple: this "lorem ipsum" stuff is not latin but a well known dummy text ("blindtext") used by typesetters and others - cf. or btw: you could also delete my test articles :-)
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2005-10-28 19:30:16 +0200
one week in berlin without playing guitar for one single minute. although I had all required stuff with me. shame on me.
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2005-10-20 22:13:30 +0200
added podcasting to the trio infernal website. maybe I should link/syndicate the feeds on our planet, too. (I used (ruby-)podcast for creating the rss files. Not in debian yet but works nevertheless after some fiddling around.) update: I added the podcasts to planet trio infernal (as statical links).
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2005-10-15 20:52:18 +0200
lazy (?) saturday afternoon
I forgot to play guitar today. yes, really. why? - good question. I just did a little programming, cursed the washing machine (which didn't want to spin any more) [1], had some easy&nice dinner, not much else ... [1] as for washing machines: washing machine fingers lazy male
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2005-09-27 17:57:44 +0200
¬°joder! three broken finger nails in two days. what's next?
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2005-09-20 18:25:21 +0200
winter in september
norbert tretkowski [dead link removed] is not the only one suffering from the cold while going to work by bike - same here.
and playing the guitar is even more unpleasant, if not impossible with stiff fingers.
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2005-09-09 17:04:59 +0200
new songs
  • buck rag is a nice little piece
  • the girl from ipanema is what it is: beautiful but a little weird to play due to its rhythm & its demands to the fingers
  • maybelle sounds a bit like tyrolean folk music. hm.
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2005-09-07 19:17:17 +0200
after ferrara
the daily routine of practice has returned (more than a week ago ...). 'idaho potato' is rather tricky but to my own surprise I can play (not without mistakes though) 'snap a little owl' by heart. I'm curious to learn the new plans - if any :-) - of chrisu tomorrow.
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2005-08-28 18:10:13 +0200
final performances
on saturday we got the ideal spot for playing: via san remo / inizio via delle volte - a crossing of two small streets. thousands of people went by, dozens stopped and listened, our small amps filled to place, and everybody was happy. we sold almost all of our CDs, and on all days together we earned 95,05 EUR. at 22:30 a thunderstorm made us relocate under a near arch where we played our program the last time for the other people seeking shelter there. at the end of the day and after some frustrations the 'finale' was reconciling with the Ferrara Buskers Festival 2005.
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2005-08-27 03:23:42 +0200
played on the piazza trento trieste. audience: rastamen hippie girls families & young couples. yeah!
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2005-08-26 14:12:32 +0200
first gigs
nice place (rotunda foschini); afternoon: success; evening: disaster (brasilian band blasted us away).
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2005-08-24 18:43:05 +0200
plus: moderately warm & relatively sunny. - minus: still no place for us to perform today.
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2005-08-23 21:09:09 +0200
early evening
klemi latexs his dissertation into his thinkpad, chrisu & /me sleep&snore.
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2005-08-23 17:42:12 +0200
no place for us to play until thursday; maybe wednesday. - & why haven't they answered our mails?
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2005-08-22 18:42:27 +0200
siamo arrivati
in ferrara. 5 hours' drive; left the autumn behind us; checked in at the hotel; ready for the festival.
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