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2018-04-19 20:21:41 +0200
10 years + 1 day

yesterday 10 years ago I became a Debian Developer.
& I still feel that I belong to this community.
& it took me one more day to write this tiny blog post about it.
so tonight I can celebrate 10 years plus 1 day :)

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2013-02-15 23:27:13 +0100

I just realized that I'm living between those mountains since 30 years now.
roughly 70% of my life.

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2012-06-10 23:21:37 +0200
Yo voy a ir a la DebConf 12 finally I managed to book a flight to MGA. here's my itinerary, in case someone shares a flight:
Munich      | Madrid      | IB3537 | Jul  1 | 07:30 | 10:30
Madrid      | San Jose    | IB6313 | Jul  1 | 12:05 | 15:05
San Jose    | Managua     | LR679  | Jul  1 | 18:24 | 19:24

Managua     | Panama City | CM105  | Jul 21 | 14:49 | 17:24
Panama City | Madrid      | IB6346 | Jul 21 | 18:55 | 12:10+1
Madrid      | Munich      | IB3564 | Jul 22 | 16:10 | 18:55
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2011-06-07 18:11:52 +0200
I am going to DebConf11. I finally booked my flights to Banja LukaZagreb:
Sun 17 Jul 08:10 Innsbruck 09:20 Vienna    OS916
Sun 17 Jul 12:55 Vienna    13:45 Zagreb    OS683
Sun 31 Jul 15:10 Zagreb    16:05 Vienna    OS684
Sun 31 Jul 17:15 Vienna    18:15 Innsbruck OS901
See you at DebConf11!
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2011-01-12 23:23:05 +0100
2011-01-04 02:16:42 +0100
archäologie des alltags - renewed
after spending something like two weeks *cough* on it, it seems I've more or less finished the conversion of my archäologie des alltags (travel observations) from journal.cgi plus hand-crafted rss, pdf, & epub to asciidoc (plus hand-crafted rss, again). I've learned more about asciidoc, docbook, xml, xsl, xslt, plus new details of apaches's mod_rewrite & whatnot than I ever wanted to know, & there's still enough I don't understand. I'm not sure the result is really that overwhelming (html is ok, rss & epub work, pdf leaves something to desire; at least my Makefile is fun :)); but I guess I leave it at that for the time being. if you find any non-obvious problems, just shout.
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2010-07-07 01:02:40 +0200
I'm going to DebConf10
Im going to DebConf10 finally I bought my airplane tickets. at & for the first time in my life in USD :)
Leave Sunday, July 25, 2010 British Airways 951 Economy  |  Airbus Industrie A320 (320) |  2hr 5min |  575 miles
Depart: 12:55pm Munich, Germany  Munich Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
Arrive: 2:00pm London, United Kingdom  London Heathrow (LHR) British Airways 189 Economy  |  Boeing 777 (777) |  7hr 45min |  3458 miles
Depart: 3:35pm London, United Kingdom  London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrive: 6:20pm Newark, NJ  Newark Liberty Int'l (EWR)
Return Saturday, August 14, 2010 British Airways 186 Economy  |  Boeing 767 Passenger (767) |  7hr 15min |  3458 miles
Depart: 10:55pm Newark, NJ  Newark Liberty Int'l (EWR)
Arrive: 11:10am London, United Kingdom  London Heathrow (LHR) British Airways 952 Economy  |  Airbus Industrie A319 (319) |  1hr 55min |  575 miles
Depart: 12:45pm London, United Kingdom  London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrive: 3:40pm Munich, Germany  Munich Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
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2010-01-24 21:16:31 +0100
BRU revisited
I'm going to FOSDEM, the
Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting I enjoyed being at FOSDEM last year, so I'll be going there again in two weeks' time. & I'm really looking forward to meeting some nice people again!
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2009-01-25 23:35:26 +0100
going to BRU
I will be in brussels from 2009-02-06 until 2009-02-11, and I'm going there for the following three reasons:
  • to attend FOSDEM
  • to discover a new city
  • to get some additional entries for my <shameless plug>new project SmokeOrNot</> :)
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2008-06-07 14:01:23 +0200
I'm going to DebConf8, edition 2008 of the annual Debian 
          developers meeting finally I managed to book my flight to DebConf8.
2008-08-03 IB3537
07:45 / Munich, Franz Josef Strauss, Terminal 1
10:25 / Madrid, Barajas, Terminal 4

2008-08-03 IB6845
12:25 / Madrid, Barajas, Terminal 4S
19:40 / Buenos Aires, Pistarini, Terminal A

2008-08-25 IB6844
21:35 / Buenos Aires, Pistarini, Terminal A
14:30 day +1 / Madrid, Barajas, Terminal 4S

2008-08-26 IB3564
16:30 / Madrid, Barajas, Terminal 4
18:55 / Munich, Franz Josef Strauss, Terminal 1
& I'm still surprised how frequently the prices for the same flights change ...
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2008-03-17 02:56:56 +0100
sunday evening
finally, after waiting for some years, we now get the profil delivered directly to our doorstep on sunday mornings too, instead of stuffed into the mailbox on monday by the regular postal service. it started two or three weeks ago, but today was the first sunday where I actually managed to take my time to read it on the first possible day. spending two hours in the bathtub with a news magazine that is officially released only tomorrow is a good break between Java packages before & Perl packages afterwards.
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2007-07-20 17:11:16 +0200
no, it's not me who is moving but my mother. she got the keys for her new apartment in innsbruck exactly 4 weeks ago. today (finally!) she received the notice from the local court that the property transfer of her house in telfs to the new owner has been finished, & simultaneously his money arrived on her bank account. so I drove her & her last few belongings to innsbruck in the afternoon, & the chapter "telfs" is (almost, some bureaucracy is still missing) over.
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2007-05-06 17:42:23 +0200
the floors in my rooms look like I have (a girl friend with) long blond hair. — in fact the phenomenon is probably a side effect of flat sharing & wearing felt slippers :-)
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2007-01-14 20:40:16 +0100
sold out (again)
I went to the cinema in innsbruck (again); at least I tried to — the movie was sold out (again). maybe I should think about booking a ticket in advance.
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2007-01-13 20:55:39 +0100
sold out / security theatre
  • I went to the cinema in innsbruck for the first time in approximately 3 months; at least I tried to — the movie was sold out.
  • my new passport — with the annoying & superfluous RFID tag — has arrived; so I can play my minor role in the world wide security theatre ... BTW: "Warning: Do not put your passport in your trouser pocket." *sigh*
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2007-01-01 00:35:55 +0100
old year's eve / new year's morning
took a bath, had a glass of laphroaig, spent some hours with nerys (my new shiny laptop).
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2006-12-29 11:03:47 +0100
felt ill. went to bed at 10:30 p.m. left the bed at 10:30 a.m. felt better.
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2006-11-04 03:25:55 +0100
it seems that I've neglected my blog in the last weeks. maybe I should read fewer blogs from others. or tackle new activities that are worth to be blogged about.
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2006-09-09 18:41:02 +0200
goodbye sabine, welcome caro
today sabine painted her room, picked up her last belongings, and handed in the key to our flat. I felt tears in my eyes when she said goodbye. one hour later caro called in to confirm that she will move into sabine's room — & I rejoiced.
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2006-08-07 00:20:02 +0200
open air cinema
this year's season of the open air cinema in innsbruck started last friday. today I managed to see the first movie (despite the moderate temperature & the high humidity). the movie was good, the court of the zeughaus rather empty, I didn't freeze to death.
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2006-08-06 17:39:28 +0200
today's the first anniversary of my blog. the first entry was published on 2005-08-06 17:47:08 CEST.
time to look back.

entries per category:

debian		67
misc		12
music		19
personal	34

entries per month:

July 2006	5
June 2006	5
May 2006	8
April 2006	10
March 2006	6
February 2006	9
January 2006	11
December 2005	10
November 2005	7
October 2005	16
September 2005	21
August 2005	24

total status:

Total categories:		4
Total entries:			132
Total visits (last year):	2167


9, among them 8 with debian/linux tipps.
it seems that the enthusiasm at the beginning has faded soon (which doesn't tell anything about the quality :-)). most entries are about my debian/computer related adventures.
& I'm still happy with using nanoblogger. let's see what the next year brings ;-)
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2006-07-20 22:34:52 +0200
it's summer. finally. it's hot & I'm sweating but I'm not gonna complain (like most people do) because I really like this summer after months of pre-winter, winter, & post-winter. the only minor annoyance is that I have to put the chocolate in the fridge because it's almost melting on my desk ;-) update: one day later: rain is beating horizontally against the windows; hail can be seen too inbetween ... a typical summer thunderstorm.
after the thunderstorm the temperature dropped from 31°C to 20°C. hm. — 2006-07-21
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2006-07-11 22:50:22 +0200
if you want to know what garfield thinks about gravity (& this cartoon made my day yesterday) look here.
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2006-07-11 18:25:23 +0200
use the source, luke^w/me
once in a while (i.e. twice a year) I want to print out a mail (usually confirmations from flight tickets or stuff like that); up to now muttprint did a great job. not today: the result was some illegible resized-image-like sheet of paper. fiddling around with options, reading stuff didn't help for some time. until I detected the following line in muttprint's source code:
if ($Config{PRINT_COMMAND} eq "CUPS") {
it's there in muttprint --help (& in the identical manpage) too:
CUPS support is turned on by "CUPS" (or set it to any command
which containes the string "$CUPS_OPTIONS").
well that's it: setting PRINT_COMMAND="CUPS" in ~/.muttprintrc does the job. & no, I don't really understand it; & I think the problem was not on muttprint's end but somewhere in CUPS' depths ...
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2006-07-07 14:58:23 +0200
40 -> 32
beginning with 2006-07-01 I have reduced my weekly working hours from 40 to 32; at my own request.
so today was my first free friday — & I enjoyed the possibility to sleep extensively ;-) on other news: jabref has entered the Debian archive. yeah! update: today mailtextbody — the last pending package — has entered the Debian archive. yeah again! — 2006-07-08
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2006-06-24 13:18:16 +0200
listening to italians in a train compartment is a good language training.
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2006-05-13 16:27:46 +0200
new season
today something like a new season started: for the first time this year I dared to leave the house wearing my "jesus slippers". I guess it's not yet warm enough for them in the morning, & the floor in our flat is still too cold to walk barefoot — but going shopping in the afternoon without a sweat shirt & without shoes&socks was definitely recovery ;-) current temperature at LOWI: 20°C
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2006-05-07 14:23:20 +0200
cinema > movies
saturday night: arrived at the cinema half an hour before the film started. listened to fine music, read a good newspaper, drank a good beer in the almost empty lobby. very relaxing.
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2006-04-28 16:16:46 +0200
successful afternoon
  • bought a "new" (i.e. a used but it's new for me) bike; the old one's back tyre looked like 88 or something, & several other parts were b0rked too.
  • cleaned my CPU fan again; & oops — the CPU temperature went down!
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2006-03-29 10:57:46 +0200
sitting in cafés, drinking coffee, reading books, & smoking cigarettes - that's recovery ...
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2006-03-25 23:02:02 +0100
mp3 player
richie havens wins against the crowded airplane cabin. until the battery is empty. good to have spares ...
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2006-03-05 01:15:48 +0100
surplus diminution
today I diminished the amount of
  • surplus dust in my rooms
  • surplus scalp & facial hair on my head
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2006-02-18 18:04:36 +0100
cleaning saturday
this afternoon I cleaned:
  • my CPU fan [0][1]
  • my (original IBM PS/2) keyboard
  • my gpg keyring
  • my host body
appropriate condition of outside world: rainy. [0] & I added the CPU temperature to my ion3 statusbar.
[1] after cleaning the temperature was some 20° lower than before ...
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2006-01-22 05:51:37 +0100
behind the blinds:
  • snow is falling
  • birds are screaming
  • 0°C
sunday morning in the alps
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2006-01-15 02:02:09 +0100
tokyo time
first week of work after two weeks of holidays. difficult change for my "bio rhythm" — or whatever that stuff with sleeping & staying awake & average central european working hours might be called. calvin explains the problem much better:
calvin: my internal clock is on tokyo time
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2006-01-06 02:24:32 +0100
a short look back on news in the year 2005 in 14 images. I patched igal a bit ...
update: az has adjusted/applied the patch & closed the bug.
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2005-12-30 00:23:56 +0100
holidays (i.e. reducing overtime hours).
two weeks.
finally. sleeping.
playing guitar.
reading (newsgroups, feeds, newspapers, ...).
some coding & some bugreports. outside temperature: -14°C.
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2005-12-11 22:02:39 +0100
health promotion II: bathing
lying in the bath tub for over two hours is healthy. what I did:
  • I read "der knochenmann" by wolf haas. my first novel by this author. summary: now I know him, using more verbs would definitely help his language, and: appropriate reading for bath tubs & holidays.
  • I tore the splinter out of my foot after the latter was macerated enough from soaking ...
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2005-12-10 15:09:32 +0100
health promotion I - sleeping
went to bed at 03:07. woke up at 09:38. went to the toilet. went to bed again. woke up at 14:44 again.
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2005-12-04 03:17:52 +0100
strange incident
at 3:13 a.m. the door bell rings. once. twice. I get curious & open the door. - the young woman in front of the door shudders horrified & mutters "sorry". - wtf?
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2005-11-29 18:05:56 +0100
november was a busy month for me. "travelled" (i.e. attended seminars & conferences) several times, tried to cope with a whole lot of work at the office, & accumulated approximately 40 hours of overtime all together. now I'm looking forward to 4 days off (december 8-11) ...
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2005-11-19 15:03:18 +0100
some current annoyances:
  1. snow: yesterday snow was falling when I went to a bar by bike. *sigh*
  2. bike: some idiot smashed my bike against the wall in front of the bar; now the front light is not working any more (I had my bike's lights repaired just the day before yesterday). *sigh*
  3. foot: the splinter in my foot (cf. this blog entry) starts hurting again. *sigh*
  4. /tmp: cron can't write to /tmp any more on one of my machines. hu? *sigh*
  5. windows: a friend has problems with his windows machine - the machine/mouse/network/whatever is terribly slow. a virus? - I guess I'll have to go there and take a look. despite one of my favourite t-shirts. *sigh*
  6. postgresql: why is there no DROP SOMETHING IF EXISTS foo? - if I use DROP statements I get errors about non-existing stuff, if I leave out the DROP lines I get errors on CREATEs because stuff already exists. - no problem for manual interventions, but dbconfig-common breaks. deadlock? *sigh*
*sigh* update 1: fixed items #2, #4, #5. working on #6.
update 2: fixed item #3.
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2005-11-15 17:37:21 +0100
winter's knocking on our doors
today was the first morning with frost. snowfall is pending, forecastfox announces it for the night from wed to thu. I need to get my gloves, winter shoes and the thick pullover out of the locker. oh, well ...
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2005-10-30 13:08:51 +0100
munich east station. where is my train? confused. solution: DST ended today, I'm here 1 hour too early.
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2005-10-22 15:39:32 +0200
MUC: forgot my bag in the s-bahn. ran back at my fullest speed - train&bag were still there. bought a snack.
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2005-10-16 18:05:52 +0200
I really like the smell of hot olive oil before I put the onions into the pan.
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2005-10-14 17:28:16 +0200
shopping afternoon
what I bought today:
  • blue jeans (in fact: black ~); wrangler
  • switch (the old hub was annoying); dlink
  • mp3-player (a usb mass storage device); trekstor
  • rechargeable batteries & a charger; varta
  • enough food for the weekend ;-)
update 1: everything works up to now but I discovered that one of my machines has only a 10MBit NIC inside. grmpf.
update 2: replaced the NIC with a 100MBit 3com 3c905c (2006-01-28).
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2005-10-01 19:12:24 +0200
winter in october
it's still f*cking cold. outside 12°C, and the flat doesn't get warm any more (temperature constantly below 20°C). why don't they turn on the heating? hot baths are nice but no solution for long days at home ...
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2005-09-17 15:23:49 +0200
vienna guide
explained the route to the cab driver last night. showed the way to other tourists today in the city center.
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2005-09-12 15:16:40 +0200
the foot won
about a week ago I stepped on something hard, probably a tiny piece of broken glass. I didn't manage to tear the splinter out of my foot, so I decided to wait and see if my horny skin or the foreign substance is stronger. I think my foot won; I can hardly feel or see the sliver anymore.
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2005-08-19 22:58:49 +0200
holiday memories
just 'programmed' a new alarm time on my communicator; it suggested 6:00 - the time to get up in corsica on the last morning. - almost three weeks ago.
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2005-08-17 23:53:46 +0200
cinema again
went to the open air cinema for the second time this year. it was not really warm, but my place (with a table at the side under the arcades) was fine, and the film ("maria, llena eres de gracia") was quite ok.
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2005-08-14 16:11:41 +0200
attended a wedding of 2 friends in a castle in spitz (wachau). nice location, delicious greek food, live music.
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2005-08-11 00:21:50 +0200
finally ...
... I went to the open air cinema tonight for the first time this year. it could have been warmer, and the movie was not the best-ever-seen ("kinsey") but the atmosphere in the court and the whole setting was great again.
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2005-08-06 17:53:09 +0200
I'm a little annoyed. since the thunderstorm last friday (2005-07-29) summer has vanished, and we have kind of an autumn weather now. never been to the open air cinema yet. hopefully the weather will be better in ferrara.
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