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2024-01-01 00:01:24 +0100
high noon 2023

high noon in 2023, from my webcam's point of view:

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2023-01-01 00:01:23 +0100
high noon 2022

high noon in 2022, from my webcam's point of view:

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2022-01-01 00:01:22 +0100
high noon 2021

high noon in 2021, from my webcam's point of view:

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2021-01-01 00:01:17 +0100
high noon 2020

high noon in 2020, from my webcam's point of view:

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2020-01-01 00:05:05 +0100
high noon 2019

high noon in 2019, from my webcam's point of view:

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2019-01-01 01:04:45 +0100
high noon 2018

this was 2018, from my webcam's point of view:

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2018-10-06 22:36:53 +0200
long night of museums 2018

after being lazy for a couple of years today I took the opportunity on a warm (= föhny) autumn evening to visit a few places at this year's lange nacht der museen. it was fun but I'm not 100% convinced about the event (or my preparation for it): the big houses are crowded & the small ones don't offer a lot. – anyway: here's what I've seen:

  1. fotoforum west
  2. taxispalais kunsthalle tirol
  3. not (ausstellung der youngcaritas)
  4. audioversum
  5. inn situ (= btv fo.ku.s)
  6. landesmuseum ferdinandeum
  7. neue galerie der tiroler künstler*schaft
  8. hofburg (ausstellung "guernica")
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2018-01-01 00:15:25 +0100
high noon 2017

this was 2017, from my webcam's point of view:

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2017-11-04 20:11:31 +0100
the cars they are a-changin'

from fiat seicento to škoda fabia.


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2012-10-06 23:43:44 +0200
long night of museums 2012
today was again the lange nacht der museen, & again I used the opportunity to visit some sites in innsbruck:
  1. galerie im taxispalais – galerie des landes tirol: contemporary austrian paintings, some nice, & a good guided tour
  2. kunstraum innsbruck: the secret diary of an affair ~1970 in texts & photos, weird but impressive
  3. fo.ku.s foto kunst stadtforum: a few boring photos
  4. fotoforum west: some photos ..., & I didn't see a trace of the announced guided tour
  5. stadtarchiv/stadtmuseum: documentary movies about innsbruck (1934-1976), not a single one without schützen & blasmusik no matter if during the austro fascist era, national socialism, or the second republic
  6. tiroler landesmuseum/ferdinandeum: not so impressive paintings & a nice reading of a local novelist, & free drinks on the balcony
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2011-10-01 22:26:01 +0200
long night of museums 2011
"lange nacht der museen" – a warm late-summer evening, & it's amazing how many galleries, exhibition rooms, etc. innsbruck has. a quick list of my tour (all places in the city center, & just a few minutes away from each other by bike). as usual, the quality was mixed.
  1. kunstpavillon der tiroler künstlerschaft: no exhibition, & the projector for the movie wasn't ready yet
  2. neue galerie der tiroler künstlerschaft: weird something (the confusing way)
  3. fo.ku.s foto kunst stadtforum: a few boring photos
  4. galerie 22a: great paintings from carmen m selma
  5. galerie im taxispalais – galerie des landes tirol: some nice drawings, & a funny video
  6. kunstraum innsbruck: weird installation & video (but somewhat funny)
  7. gösser's: delicious zwickl (wait – that's not art in the strict sense, & not included in the "long night" ticket)
  8. fotoforum west: a projected photo blog
  9. galerie nothburga: some nice mini-sculptures, & some paintings, not my style
  10. artdepot – kommunikationszentrum für kunst und kultur: a few abstract (?) paintings, not my style
  11. galerie kass: a few paintings, not my style
  12. <some garden across the street from the last gallery>: music & fashion, if I understood it correctly
  13. aut. architektur und tirol: installations, in the wider sense; with an interesting tour
ps: the only places I knew beforehand were 6, ●, & 8.
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2010-12-06 19:46:32 +0100
interesting times
everyone's talking about wikileaks these days. I'm wondering where this will all lead us to. two interesting portraits of julian assange:
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2010-07-27 00:39:43 +0200
entering the U.S.
a short description of my experiences on entering the U.S. – disclaimer: austrian passport, VWP, EWR airport, yesterday evening.


I spent roughly two minutes at the immigration counter. the dialog with the polite, tired, & probably bored guy was like: he: what are you doing in the US?
me: going to a computer conference at columbia university.
he: how long are you staying?
me: until the 14th of august.
/he looks at passport
he: you are here for the first time?
me: yup.
he: (instructions for fingerprint scanning & photo)
he: do you work at home? what are you doing there?
/me explains
/he probably doesn't really listen
/he stamps passport


I had ticked "I bring food" on the customs declaration form, & entered "cheese, 0.5 kg, $9" in the "goods to declare" box. the guy handling the queue sent all people without any "yes" ticks straight to the exit, & me to the counter. dialog with the friendly lady: she: what food are you bringing?
me: two small pieces of cheese.
she: anything else? meat? fruits?
me: no.
she: ok, put your bags here. (belt for the luggage scanner) that was all, no more questions, no inspections, or whatever. – & noone actually looked at the customs declaration form except for the one "yes".
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2010-07-05 00:53:10 +0200
some of the things I did on saturday & sunday:
  • reduced the amount of dust in my rooms
  • increased the amount of air in my bike's tyres
  • created an armel cross-building chroot (with pdebuild-cross, multistrap, & some patching & swearing & beating)
  • switched from xterm to urxvt
  • filled in the ESTA/VWP form to be allowed to enter the u.s.
  • upgraded colleen (which doesn't have any devices for hard disks under /dev anymore since then)
  • cleaned the toilet & the corridor
  • uploaded some packages
  • played with some of the meego stuff; not very successful
  • saturated 2GB of RAM + 1GB of swap by having ~40 tabs with airline websites open in chromium; still no ticket
  • wrote two blog entries (what's recursion again?)
some successes, some failuresroom for improvement.
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2010-01-10 20:59:01 +0100
data rentention
I just sent my statement regarding the amendment of the austrian telecommunication law (implementation of the EU guideline on data retention) to the federal ministry for transport, innovation and technology. it should show up on the parliament's law draft page at some point.
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2010-01-03 23:58:57 +0100
social orange juice
quote of the day:
07:00 <Ryan52> this social networking thing is getting rediculous. the side
               of my orange juice carton says "find us on facebook" and
               "follow us on twitter". :/
2010-01-03, #debian-perl (OFTC)
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2009-12-22 00:31:46 +0100
déjà-vu or: 25 years later
1984-12-19: police forces try to clear the protesters against the powerplant in the "hainburger au", finally the federal government declares a "christmas truce", & later the area at the danube becomes a national park. 2009-12-21: police forces evict students from the "audimax" in vienna, the center of the university protests. & I thought we as a society might have learned something. FAIL.
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2009-05-16 23:49:27 +0200
if you want to send an email to the BZÖ & you want to find out their email address you can:
  • go to – ok (if you ignore the 123 HTML errors)
  • click on Mailen Sie mir with the photo of the current chairman bucher – hu? interesting URL in the address bar: ..?content=westenthaler_kontakt
  • above the form you are told that you can use for contacting them – hu? the actual code does not agree: <a href=""></a>)
it seems that they change their chairmen too often for their web guys ...
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2008-09-21 03:59:46 +0200
went to a concert (thanks to my flat-mate david). rebekka bakken. great voice. highly recommended. & when I came home the new issue of profil was already lying in front of the door.
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2008-08-15 20:14:17 +0200
current temperatures:
  • innsbruck, austria: 13°C
  • mar del plata, argentina: 14°C
so much for european summer & south american winter.
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2008-06-14 04:21:55 +0200
val pusteria
I did it again: driving from eastern tyrol home to innsbruck via the val pusteria. & again I was surprised by the lack of decent radio stations on that route: you basically have the choice between (rural) umpf-ta & (techo-style) uff-tza. at least hardly any traffic, & having no border controls (despite the current currency alcohol & money making sports madness) is great. btw: what about building some decent roads in this valley?
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2007-11-24 18:53:01 +0100
if you'd like to have birra moretti & don't want to go to italy — I know a supermarket in london where you can get it.
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2007-11-19 19:55:31 +0100
health & weather
smoking outside of pubs in the cold english rain is a PITA.
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2007-11-11 02:47:31 +0100
big mistake: I looked out of the window. & since the temperature has fallen to 0°C the falling snow doesn't melt anymore, instead it pollutes the whole scenery. blinds closed again.
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2007-10-31 19:38:13 +0100
could someone please tell me that today's the sweets collection day (also called "halloween" AFAIK); I wouldn't have answered the door bell ...
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2007-10-23 10:31:49 +0200
global warming
snow flakes in front of the window. on the twenty-third of october. *sigh* & that's what they call "global warming"?
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2007-10-21 03:12:12 +0200
0 vs. 22
outside temperature: 0° C.
size of my new tft: 22". guess what I like better :)
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2007-09-18 13:40:35 +0200
my mobile number was ported from t-mobile (formerly known as max.mobil) to bob (mobilkom branch) today.
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2007-08-02 14:15:50 +0200
outside the window
what's this? armageddon, an eclipse of the sun, nuclear fallout? outside the window it's dark as at 21:30. thunder starts rolling; probably we'll have a nice thunderstorm here in a few minutes.
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2007-08-01 23:58:55 +0200
happy birthday
the guiding & scouting movement celebrated its 100th birthday today — on 1907-08-01 the first scout camp on brownsea island started. I wore my neckerchief at the office & also on the first evening of this year's open air cinema season at the zeughaus.
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2007-05-26 16:12:27 +0200
it's a pity that nobody seems to have heard anything about the concept of "queues" (in front of elevators) in the local shopping centres.
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2007-05-20 19:43:36 +0200
munich 2
munich main station: pissing for 60 cents.
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2007-05-20 18:20:48 +0200
munich 1
"our next sdob: minigist." - munich east, perhaps?
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2007-04-08 20:01:06 +0200
sardinia 4
romanesque churches; plenty of them. cosy beach near san teodoro. - last evening ahead.
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2007-04-07 19:56:13 +0200
sardinia 3
walk along the seaside. bathing in the ocean. pre-historic villages. historical towers. sunny green plains.
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2007-04-06 19:05:16 +0200
sardinia 2
cosy rocks. hot sulphure springs. old fortresses. rain on good friday.
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2007-04-05 20:11:50 +0200
sardinia 1
walked barefoot on the sand sticked my toes into the ocean unpacked my "jesus sandals". - time for dinner.
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2007-02-10 19:29:29 +0100
chello & dinner
something's wrong with chello or with our cable modem:
  • thursday: no internet connection from 4:xx until 21:xx. well, I wasn't at home at that time anyway.
  • friday: the internet connection drops in the evening. time for dinner. — still no internet later. power toggling the router doesn't help. after power toggling the cable modem the connection is up & running again. causal connection or not?
  • saturday: the internet connection dies again at 18:19. I have dinner again. — afterwards still no connection but power toggling the cable modem helps again.
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2007-01-27 15:39:56 +0100
snow & shopping
people have been whining about the missing snow for weeks. & now that it's snowing what are they doing? hanging out in shopping centers. ARGL.
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2007-01-25 21:56:46 +0100
the alpine climate is not made for humans.
definitely not.
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2007-01-13 18:18:59 +0100
2006-12-01 18:58:39 +0100
I consider music on public toilets (e.g. in restaurants) a crime against humanity.
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2006-11-29 15:57:42 +0100
2006-10-05 08:31:58 +0200
"S.O.B." as in "save our bodies".
it's this time again — the long tyrolean winter seems to have started; it's cold (7° C at the moment) & rainy, & the mountains are already covered with snow. time to wait for the heating to be turned on everywhere ...
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2006-08-15 01:54:16 +0200
the farm
"the farm" is a nice exercise in the field of group dynamics — basically all members of a group have to agree on the assignment of a typical farm role to each of the group's members.
a "fork" of the exercise is if one or more persons just try to assign roles for themselves and others in a group; & that's what david & me tried today for the cUG. cf. also david's comment and/or ask at or
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2006-08-11 16:05:40 +0200
miscellaneous notes
eastern tyrol
explaining a campaign "per l'uso responsabile del alcool" in italian to italian tourists is fun. southern tyrol
driving through the val pusteria/pustertal is !recovery: why are they creeping without any reason (mostly cars with italian & some with german licence plates)? fm radio
needed: blacklists for fm radio stations (that skip northern/southern tyrolean folk channels during autosearch). geekwear
wearing the new debian t-shirt for the first time feels good. recycling
chips seem to be made out of paper; at least some guy throwing a paper plate with chips on it into the paper bin at a local snack booth seems to think so ...
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2006-06-30 20:46:00 +0200
blow your horn
argentina failed at the penalty shoot-out, germany won the quarter final; every german is blowing their (car's) horn. fascinating. this blog entry was brought to you live from berlin, germany. update: some hours later: berlin's still partying.
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2006-04-25 01:08:09 +0200
tonight I spent a whole evening with a friend on his balcony. - it feels kind of springish here ;-) update: tonight the temperature fell to 1°C. - WAAAAAHHH!
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2006-04-21 18:56:11 +0200
winter gone?
finally once again a "weather blog entry" ;-) today some hopes arose that winter is finally defeated. I went to work by bike without the thick winter pullover, & during the day the temperature rose to something above 20°C. but I'm still not sure if I should trust this development ... on other news: the day after tomorrow brings elections to the city council of innsbruck. I'm rather curious about the outcome ...
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2006-02-20 22:10:52 +0100
listening to the Ö1 evening news can be funny:

milch- & milchprodukte sind nach (sic!) bier die größte umsatzgruppe im österreichischen lebensmittel(sic!)handel.

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2005-12-31 13:06:22 +0100
let's celebrate ...
... the first leap second in seven years! thanks to jwz for this enlightning blog entry.
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2005-11-21 01:15:37 +0100
opened the window before going to bed: snow is lying everywhere & still falling. some people like it ... update 1: even more snow in the morning, and fat ugly snow flakes tried to block my way to work.
update 2: it's still snowing (or snow raining) now in late afternoon, the streets are more wet than snow covered but on the grass and the parking cars the unnecessary stuff piles up. some 10 to 15 cm I'd guess.
update 3: no snow in telfs, not a single grain ... but on the highway an accident near zirl (without any snow or ice on the road).
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2005-11-05 16:06:38 +0100
what are people doing on rainy saturday afternoons in november?
right - they go shopping. and what are they doing in the shopping malls?
they all participate in the contest "walk-as-slow-as-you-can-without-falling-asleep- & -always-leave-your-shopping-cart-in-the-middle-of-the-aisle". argl.
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2005-10-01 19:07:57 +0200
shopping centers
each time I enter a shopping center with an elevator I'm astonished why there are so many people who seem not to understand how elevators work though two buttons ("I want to go upwards" vs. "I want to go downwards") and two illuminated arrows ("this elevator is on its way up" vs. "this elevator is on its way down") shouldn't be that complicated to interpret. how do they cope with much more difficult tasks like using an ATM or operating a car?
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2005-09-03 16:41:11 +0200
smoke-free sillpark
smoking is forbidden in the whole sillpark (shopping center) except in some designated areas in the restaurant section since a few days ago. I would have expected people to ignore this rule without further enforcement; and when I came there today I saw several people standing around and smoking in the lobby despite the informational posters. but then some charming young yellow clad women appeared, approached the smokers, informed them about the new policy, and made them put out the cigarettes in their ash trays.
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2005-08-09 08:54:57 +0200
WTF? early august is supposed to be summer, even here in austria. and what have we got? snow on the mountain peaks around innsbruck and less than 10°C in town. incroyable!
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2005-08-08 23:46:39 +0200
if you would like to get delicious indian food in innsbruck go to the "rama" restaurant in innstraße.
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2005-08-07 17:04:02 +0200
bloggers are insane
at least that's what apple's tiger dictionary says: "an unhealthy interest in computers". cf. heise newsticker (article in german, screenshot in english).
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